Error : allow_url_fopen must be on in your PHP.ini to work this verification. - THEPLUS ADDONS FOR WPBAKERY PAGE BUILDER (FORMERLY VISUAL COMPOSER)

Are you getting error while Verification?

Error : allow_url_fopen must be on in your PHP.ini to work this verification. 

Why we have added that PHP function?

- We have used that function to verify your plugin every time You visit "Verify Plugin" tab in to The Plus Setting. It's just a popular function of PHP for verification.

Why It's blocked by some hosting providers?

- It verifies every time you visit "Verify Plugin" tab, So It sends values and get response during that time. Some, Private Hosting provides do block this activity due to their security architecture. They might not have layered security or They try to create extreme secure environment. 

Note : Most of Hosting providers will update this value as you contact them, If default it will be off. 

What if your Hosting Provider will not be able to turn this ON permanently? 

  1. You need to follow all steps to verify as usual.
  2. Ask your Hosting provider to turn that ON for few minutes.
  3. You will now be able to verify plugin with ease. Once you verify and get "Verified" Response, Ask your hosting provider to turn it off. 
  4.  Now You have your plugin verified. Just keep in mind, Never visit "Verify Plugin" Tab in your Settings Area. You may roam around all other tabs(General Settings / Post Type Settings / Plus templates / About). 

  5. If you by mistake enter in to that tab. You just need to contact your hosting provider to turn it off and You can quickly verify your plugin. 

Hope above things will be helpful. If you have any further queries, Open a ticket at https://posimyththemes.ticksy.com and We will be there for you.